Rehabilitation Therapy

Whether you require physical, occupational or speech therapy, or you want to improve your safety at home with balance and fall prevention, Home Nursing With Heart is able to provide highly skilled and experienced therapists who specialize in these areas. As a result, you’re able to receive the care you need in the familiar surroundings of home and practice recommended exercises and mobility to speed your progress.

Physical Therapy

Improving mobility, increasing strength and building endurance are all key to physical therapy services from Home Nursing With Heart. We work with you and your healthcare team to develop a personal plan that emphasizes continuous improvement, ensuring safety and confidence at home. Whether you’re recovering from surgery or illness, a fall or simply want to feel more secure, your physical therapist utilizes traditional modalities and exercises to get you to your goal. We’re also able to focus on balance safety and transfer training to move from bed to commode or other key transitions.

Occupational Therapy

Being able to execute the tasks of daily living is key to ensuring you’re able to maintaining independence. Occupational therapists at Home Nursing With Heart are vital to this ability. From developing your personal plan to working directly with you during regular therapy sessions, to recommendations about ongoing exercises you can do on your own – your occupational therapist focuses on your continued recovery. We help you to improve movement and coordination to return to activities like dressing, eating, writing, reading and other activities that enable you to remain at home.
Balance and Fall Prevention

The fear of falling is one of the most common among people living on their own. It’s also a risk that the therapists at Home Nursing With Heart can help you to prevent. Our skilled therapists evaluate your gait and movement, your vision and medications, your strengths and weaknesses and your home environment. Then, we put together a plan – and help you to execute it with regular visits and therapy sessions, along with steps you can implement on your own. Exercise and muscle strengthening, improved coordination, taking medicine properly, up-to-date glasses prescriptions and keeping furniture and other items from becoming hazards are all part of the strategy.
Speech Therapy

From communication and swallowing, to memory skills, speech therapists from Home Nursing With Heart are a valuable asset in the continuum of care from hospital to home. We are skilled and knowledgeable in the development and implementation of strategies designed to enable you to recover from limitations resulting from stroke, surgery, hearing loss, illness and other conditions. We’re also able to provide therapy services that help to improve memory skills.


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